Our History

The Cambay Group was formed in 1990, but its roots run deep:  its parent group, Somerston, has been in business in the UK since 1856 as a privately-held investment entity.

Somerston's founding father, Ralph Chapman, first went into business as a ships-husband in 1854. By 1860, The Somerston Group of companies was operating a line of clipper ships.  Its next venture was in steamships, and finally, tramp cargo ships, ventures that led the company through more than 100 years of growth and profitability.
In 1968, Somerston started its diversification into real estate and other interests, and by 1976, the last of the shipping interests had been sold.  Luckily, a number of museums house memorabilia representing more than a century of shipping history.  The Group's logo depicts a distinctive red and white house flag, as worn on cap badges worn by ship's captains.